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PT Yonasindo Intra Pratama is Indonesia’s most professional licensed Foreign Labor Training Centre, recruiting and training qualified workers (Factory workers, constructor worker, health taker, nurse, Domestic Helper and white collar office worker) to Japan.

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A Testimony
From Several Participants

“Only high school/vocational school graduates can earn the same salary as high-ranking state officials. Come on, everyone who wants to change their lifestyle to be more noble by having blessed assets can come to PT Yonasindo.”
Adi Sawada
“The Yonasindo company is very clear and transparent. The process is very easy and fast, the staff is also good, really helpful for the internship process abroad. Really recommend it for those of you who want a career abroad.”

Nur Komariah
“I only graduated from high school, I can get a fairly large salary abroad, and the process at PT Yonasindo is fast, easy and comfortable, come on, everyone join PT Yonasindo Intra Pratama for a better future.”

Ardo Saputra
“PT. Yonasindo Intra Pratama is the best PT of all PTs, because the staff are friendly, kind, polite too, and the process is fast and doesn't cost too much, in essence Yonasindo is the Best.”
M. Sirajuddin
“I processed my trip to Japan through Yonasindo, the staff was very friendly and helpful during the process, thank you Yonasindo.”

“My work process to Taiwan via PT Yonasindo. Thank God it was smooth, it flew quickly, thank you very much, O Allah.”


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